- B'z Backyard Greenhouse - MAILING LIST UPDATE LETTER - August 27th, 2014 -


Dear Friends,

It is with much excitement, (and as much hesitation), that we announce we have some Wollemi Pine seeds for sale.  These wonderful little 'treasures' matured only last week, and we are truly tickled pink to have them in our possession!  Although we haven't actually sat down to count them, we think we have between 2 to 3 thousand of them, so we thought we'd offer some up for purchase.

Frankly, (to us, at least), we feel these seeds are pretty much PRICELESS, but realistically speaking they could each potentially bring the business one hundred dollars or more.  That being said, we know the success rate of actually germinating them is probably only 50 percent under PERFECT conditions, and likely much less under less favorable circumstances.

The ONLY reason we are offering ANY of these seeds for sale is because of the many conversations via emails that we've had with folks from various places around the world.  We completely understand their sheer frustration in trying to obtain one of these plants for themselves, as we were once in the same position.  We thought this might be a way for these people to FINALLY have a Wollemi Pine of their own.

In certain areas of the globe, these plants can readily be purchased at the local garden centre, (such as in the UK and Australia), even so, these plants STILL command a very high price.  In other parts of the world, such as here in Canada, as well as in the U.S., these plants are IMPOSSIBLE to find.  Why things have turned out this way we have no idea.  Hopefully one day in the future it will no longer be this way, and we are certainly doing our part in trying to change it!

To our fellow Canadian friends, we would like to state that we DO still believe we will have live wollemi plants available for shipping sometime in the Spring of 2015.  These plants will be approximately one year old, and although it is really too early to say with any certainty, we expect the price will be around 120 dollars each, plus taxes and shipping costs.  It may be in your best interest to wait until this happens, but if you are just way too excited to wait until then, go for it and order yourself some seeds! 

For our friends in the United States and internationally, we have looked into shipping live wollemi pines across the border and are sad to report that there is just wayyyy too much paperwork, cost, and bureaucracy involved for us to do so.  We would need an export license, and YOU would likely need an import license.  Trying to ship without these would likely result in the wollemi pines being seized and destroyed at your border, so we wouldn't even dream of trying it.  Purchasing these seeds may be the only way for you to have a wollemi pine in the foreseeable future.

So with all that being said, what to price these seeds at?  We had a very difficult time deciding what we should sell these seeds for, after all, we really don't care if we sell ANY of them, but we don't want to make them so expensive that no one can buy them either.  After much debate we settled on a price of between 5 and 6 dollars (Canadian funds) per seed, depending on the quantity purchased.  We are a business after all, and this price makes it (almost) worth our while to actually let these seeds go.  It also ensures that only SERIOUS people will buy them, and the seeds will be given a very good chance to germinate.  

We fully admit that these seeds are in the 'pricey' range, especially considering we offer no guarantee on them.  Furthermore, we are quite horrified at the price we MUST charge for shipping and handling.  We do NOT make any profit on this charge, but are forced to pass it on to our customers as we require a way to track the seeds and get a signature when they are delivered.   This charge is the same, regardless of the amount of seeds ordered, so one should take this into consideration if ordering.

Regardless, if the buyer IS successful in getting a few seeds to germinate, the final price could end up actually being a STEAL of a DEAL in the long run!   We leave that that gamble up to you.  ; )

We haven't decided how many of these seeds we will actually sell yet, but figure it will be in the 500-1000 range if there is interest in them.  We have no idea whatsoever if the seeds will sell quickly, slowly, or not sell at all, but feel there MAY be great interest in them, especially after our 'for sale page' gets picked up by search engines like Google.  If you are indeed interested in purchasing any of these seeds, we recommend you do so sooner rather than later, as there will be no notice given before we take down the page when we have hit our limit of seeds to be sold.

Thank you so much for your interest in B'z Greenhouse, and of course in the Wollemi Pine.  Together we can help ensure this plant not only survives, but actually THRIVES!

Best wishes & GOOD LUCK to any of you who may purchase these seeds!  :-D
The "B" keepers ~


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