Folks from Campbell River are all well aware of the two Willow Point gardens that welcome folks when they enter our fine city from the south. They're one of the first things we see along the ocean side, and are both graced with unique, wind swept pines, as well as the famous "Welcome to WILLOW POINT - Gateway to CAMPBELL RIVER" sign.

So when we were recently approached about giving these gardens a much needed face lift, we were both honored and delighted to be given the opportunity of landscaping them and making them even MORE welcoming to all who enter Campbell River through this route!

We gladly accepted the offer and challenge, and when we arrived in early Spring 2016 to start the project, we noticed that someone had been here before us. Both gardens were sporadically decorated with Spring flower bulbs, such as Daffodils and Hyacinth.

Perhaps at one time in the past these gardens were pristine and welcoming...

...but it certainly WAS time for them to get a well deserved upgrade to the landscaping. We picked several different grasses, shrubs, flowers, and even some small trees that we thought would serve the purpose well.

The project started by simply getting an idea of where the new plants would be placed. Sort of a 'vision' to materialize what we had in mind.

Instead of digging out all the Spring bulbs that had been previously placed in the gardens, we decided to try and leave as many of them as possible, so that they could continue to be enjoyed in future years to come.

Above we see BKC (B-Keeper Chris) after several of the plants have been planted into their new home! It should be noted that his wife BKT (B-Keeper Taran) was also here for this project, but for some odd reason doesn't appear in a single photograph. We'll just assume she was feeling 'ugly' or something this day, but won't forget all the hard work she also put into this landscaping project, (as well as the photos she was obviously taking!).

A view from the front garden as it all starts to come together. Yowzers, those plants are looking small in these gardens!

Thankfully they all have a LOT of growing to do, and these gardens offer them plenty of room to do just that...

After all the plants have been placed and planted, it's time to start adding the mounds of sea soil....

...which make the plants all stand out...

...and gives the gardens a 'happier and healthier' look and feel in general!  :-D

We're looking forward to watching all these plants grow throughout the season, and also seeing how our vision for these gardens will come to life in the many years to come~

We want to offer our sincere thanks to ALL the folks who were involved in bringing this fun project to us. We very much enjoyed bringing new life and vigor to these somewhat neglected, but oh-so-important gardens!

As we created these new gardens, we also had the pleasure of getting many compliments from folks we got to meet while they were strolling along the sea walk, and we've received many more 'kudos' from others since the project's finish.

HUGE thanks to you ALL for your kind and appreciated support!  We hope that everyone can enjoy the 'welcoming gardens' even MORE, and that they will properly reflect both the great community of Willow Point, as well as our almost unbelievably gorgeous city, Campbell River BC.